! bitweaver Performance Tips
These tips are particularly important for high volume sites.

!! Bitweaver Optimisation
* every directoy is scanned on every page load. even though the overhead is not large, we recommend that you remove all unused packages from your server. you can add them back at a later time point if you need them later on.
* Beginning with version 2, we have global liberty caching for any parsed content. this will dramatically reduce loading time and load on the server for such content. The setting can be found in the Aministration --> Liberty --> Liberty Settings page

!! Template Optimisation
* ((Speed optimisation))
* TemplateOptimization

! System Perfomance Tips
!! System Administration Tools
* [http://www.vanheusden.com/multitail/|MultiTail] - tail on steroids
* Make sure your [http://www.zoneedit.com/smtp.html|mail server] is working

!! Apache Settings
Make sure you have an ((Advanced Apache Configuration for High Traffic Sites))

!! PHP Optimisation
* Use [http://www.php.lt/benchmark/phpbench.php|Fast Coding Habits]
* Allocate a large chunk of memory to php in your php.ini file
* Install ImageMagick's Magickwand for better image handling
* Install pecl fileinfo for better type checking on file uploads
* Install an Accelerator
** Installation of a PHP opcode caching mechanism like [http://eaccelerator.net/HomeUk|php-eaccelerator] ( which is a maintained version of [http://turck-mmcache.sourceforge.net/|turck-mmcache] ) will dratically reduce PHP memory usage and improve execution time. It is available as a yum installable Fedora extra rpm.

!! ((dbTuning: PostgresAdvocacy|Postgres))
Install the tablefunc contribution to achieve massive optimization of GatekeeperPackage security look ups. tablefunc has the Oracle'esque "connectby" function that will let you execute recurisve queries on a hierarchical table that has id/parent_id rows, ala the tiki_fisheye_gallery_map. To install, make sure you have installed teh postgresql-contrib rpm/deb/whatever, and execute something like this FedoraCore 3 command line:
{code in="bash"}# psql foo < /usr/share/pgsql/contrib/tablefunc.sql{code}
Then to your config_inc.php, add: {code in="php}define( 'POSTGRESQL_CONTRIB', TRUE );{code}

! ToDo
!! Areas to investigate for Code Opimizations
** If writing code, see the [http://phplens.com/lens/adodb/docs-adodb.htm#speed|Tuning tips] and install the [http://adodb.sourceforge.net/#extension|ADODB C Extension]
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