! bitweaver Performance Tips
These tips are particularly important for high volume sites.

!! Bitweaver Optimisation
* __every directory is scanned on every page load__. even though the overhead is not large, we recommend that you remove all unused packages from your server. you can add them back at a later time point if you need them later on.
* Beginning with version 2, we have global __liberty caching__ for any parsed content. this will dramatically reduce loading time and load on the server for such content. The setting can be found in the Aministration --> Liberty --> Liberty Settings page

!! Template Optimisation
* ((Speed optimisation))
* TemplateOptimization

! System Perfomance Tips
!! System Administration Tools
* [http://www.vanheusden.com/multitail/|MultiTail] - tail on steroids
* Make sure your [http://www.zoneedit.com/smtp.html|mail server] is working

!! Apache Settings
Make sure you have an ((Advanced Apache Configuration for High Traffic Sites))

!! PHP Optimisation
* Use [http://www.php.lt/benchmark/phpbench.php|Fast Coding Habits]
* Allocate a large chunk of memory to php in your php.ini file
* Install ImageMagick's Magickwand for better image handling
* Install pecl fileinfo for better type checking on file uploads
* Install an Accelerator
** Installation of a PHP opcode caching mechanism like [http://eaccelerator.net/HomeUk|php-eaccelerator] ( which is a maintained version of [http://turck-mmcache.sourceforge.net/|turck-mmcache] ) will dratically reduce PHP memory usage and improve execution time. It is available as a yum installable Fedora extra rpm.

!! ((dbTuning: PostgresAdvocacy|Postgres))
Install the tablefunc contribution to achieve massive optimization of GatekeeperPackage security look ups. tablefunc has the Oracle'esque "connectby" function that will let you execute recurisve queries on a hierarchical table that has id/parent_id rows, ala the tiki_fisheye_gallery_map. To install, make sure you have installed teh postgresql-contrib rpm/deb/whatever, and execute something like this FedoraCore 3 command line:
{code in="bash"}# psql foo < /usr/share/pgsql/contrib/tablefunc.sql{code}
Then to your config_inc.php, add: {code in="php}define( 'POSTGRESQL_CONTRIB', TRUE );{code}

! ToDo
!! Areas to investigate for Code Opimizations
** If writing code, see the [http://phplens.com/lens/adodb/docs-adodb.htm#speed|Tuning tips] and install the [http://adodb.sourceforge.net/#extension|ADODB C Extension]
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