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 All work for this bounty must be LGPL licensed and accepted into Bitweaver CVS.
+The current comment system could be the basis of an integrated forum. It has both a threaded and flat mode. If there were simply a "forum" view of a page's or article's comments, it would be pretty close to what I'm looking for in a forum.
+One possible way would be to have a plugin that could display the comments for a specified content item in a typical forum format.
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 * vanrijn@wikiwise.com $250.00
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-* This bounty is currently open and seeking developers.
+* This bounty has been assigned to Kieran Maclean and Christian Fowler.
 The maintainer of the bounty is: vanrijn@wikiwise.com
-Please contact this person before starting any work on this bounty.
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-* Created 2006-06-13 23:29:52
+* Created 2006-06-13
+* Programmers assigned 2006-06-16
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