^"__We Are Sorry...__ but we currently do not have documentation for this page, however there is a draft tutorial which explains how to __((Pluggable Authentication Tutorial|build your own Authentication Plugin))__. Please bear with us as we update the Bitweaver Documentation."^

^__Warning__: Authentication Plugins have not been released, and they may yet gain more features before the R2 Release^

!What Authentication Plugins Provide
!How to use Authentication Plugins for Site Administrators
!What plugins are available
Bitweaver Auth|((AuthenticationPluginBit))|ldap|Normal Bitweaver Authentication
LDAP Auth|((AuthenticationPluginLdap))|ldap|LDAP Authentication
LDAP Auth|((AuthenticationPluginImap))|imap|IMAP Authentication
Multisites Auth|((AuthenticationPluginMultisites))|ldap| Authentication including multisites restrictions checks||
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