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Port of phpcvsview to bitweaver

Created by: Lester Caine, Last modification: 30 Dec 2006 (15:54 UTC) by Lester Caine
I have been running into problems with tracking history on some legacy projects, the bug reports for which were used as the basis for the irlist package. Having set up a CVS server, I needed to allow access without opening the direct connection. Having found phpcvsview I decided that it was worth pulling a copy over into bitweaver as it was fairly simple, and a lot of the faciliies can be replaced with existing bitweaver tools. I need some help with that!
Currently the package is not actually using the database, but replacing the hard coded CVS login information with liberty content items should not be difficult.
Ive got the directory view, history view and annotation view working. All of the phpcvsview theme and language stuff has been stripped, and it is working as a bitweaver package. I need to get the diff view working which should just be a matter of linking into liberty history?
Content view is another bit to be finished, but not sure if that will hang onto the treasurrry package?

The CVS link is using PEAR and I'm not sure if I can strip that, but the used bits have been dropped into utils/pear for now
A sample output can be seen at Test Site
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