Bitweaver Development Roadmap

Planning and Knowledge Share for Advancing Bitweaver

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This page is for developers. Please add to, and comment on this page if you would like to help develop the core of bitweaver. If you are NOT a developer, please do not edit this page. You may leave suggestions in the comments.

In Development

Centralize Network Communication Handling

SwitchboardPackage is being completed to deal with the various complexities of network communications.

project owner: wjames5
contact: wjames5 on IRC freenode #bitweaver
development code: cvs co -r tekimaki _bit_switchboard
sponsor: tekimaki

Goal: develop Switchboard to be universal transport gateway for all messaging, such as email, sms, aim. Any kind of transaction can be facilitated through switchboard. Such as enabling two way email interaction with BoardsPackage posts (e.g. sending and receiving posts like a mail list), to posting photos, videos, audio files etc, to TreasuryPackage from a phone. Also see Drupal Mailhandler and

State: Switchboard is now distributed with Bitweaver and LibertyCommments makes use of it for notification events.

Todo: Migrate more core communication components onto Switchboard.

Ideas for Release 3 of bitweaver

Remove distinctions between modules and "central" modules so any module can be located in any area.

Register module profiles during layout editing so we can know details, such as optional parameters the module takes.

Continue cleanup of BoardsPackage to bring it to level of phpbb

We should build out a list of specific todos - perhaps on the Boards package page. and we can point there for what needs doing.

Key missing features:
  • Nested boards - the schema exists, logic and template support is needed.
  • Nice pagination
  • Ability to add lots and lots of custom smilies. forum people are smiley insane (smileys package, quicktags?)
  • Signatures (easy, there's already an unused on partially coded, should be part of users package though)
  • Integration with MessagesPackage (go through switchboard) (WHY? messages is already there integrated into bw, a module can show numbers of read/unread msgs, AND that can already be done with a customized template in the header/topbar)
  • Configurable cute little user level based on number of posts, eg "Noob" 0 < 10 posts, "Getting Aquantned" 10->100, "I'm a Regular", 100 -> 1000 "Old timer" > 1000 posts

Port Drupal Project Module to Manage Package Pages

We should endeavor to make package release easier and friendlier. Look at which I believe drives the project pages on

Add History to Translations

this would allow sites to open translating to far more people. Each string would have a history.

Edit Sections of Pages

The ability to edit sections of pages rather than always having to edit the entire page. Mediawiki supports this feature.


Allows reuse of content without making mulitple copies. See:


  • Remote API (Atom, RSS2, etc) to interact with other sites or desktop apps /spider



by Edwin, 05 Jan 2009 (08:36 UTC)
  1. Friends - The popularity of social networks show that there is great value given to having updates on what your "Friends" are doing.

Group Activity Notices

by Edwin, 02 Feb 2009 (03:37 UTC)
There should be a way to receive notices of change to content that is linked to groups.

Re: Group Activity Notices

by Edwin, 14 Feb 2009 (02:00 UTC)
Also, many of the notification services offer the option of one daily summary email. I think the option of doing this per item watched would be great. There are some things that you would like a heads up on daily and there are others that you want to know about right away.

Content Subscription RSS Feed

by Edwin, 03 Aug 2009 (17:01 UTC)
The intense popularity of Facebook is in it's leveraging of the RSS feed concept to items that you have "Friended" or subscribed to. There are plenty of things on my social network where I want to know the latest or to peruse at my leisure, without having an email with every little change.

A default Bitweaver user portal that displayed a feed with everything that you are subscribed to on your personal RSS feed and items you are watching would make it much easier for end users to stay abreast of what matters to them. The email notifications on watched items on everything you are interested in can get cumbersome, so it would also really help to allow users to customize notification levels.

For example, I may only want some items to come to me in a daily synopsis. Others may be priority items that I want to watch closely with any change. These features would distinguish Bitweaver from all wiki competitors.

Watch all pages upon edit

by Chris, 02 Jul 2010 (07:32 UTC)
Complete newbie here. I'm used to MediaWiki, and love having all pages watched by default when I edit them, or at least a non-default option for such. Like the subscription option on forums, I tend to assume this is the default everywhere and jump right in, then later I sometimes realize by the lack of messages in my inbox that it's not. I can't find anything in the documentation implying that this is a possible default; please provide this option!

A MediaWiki-esque checkbox would also be nice, as it's more user-friendly than posting a message and /then/ clicking the link to watch. (I'm using the wiki; this one doesn't seem to have a watch option at all.)
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