Online meetings of Developers

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In an effort to power-up our extreme programming practices we have some dedication organization planning.

Our meetings, not on an real regular schedule, and code-named alphabetically after <to be="" decided="">

First Meeting - September 8, 2004 12:00GMT - agenda:
  • Bonnie Release - Perhaps scehdule Bonnie power day where we bang out everything remaining to get it shipped, review BUG list
  • ReleaseOne Release - Where do we stand on branching, and kick a first Alpha release.
  • Promotional Ideas - What can we do gain adoptions and users

  • people: xing, drewslater, spiderr, lester, mooooooooo (wolffy had a baby today. woot! )
  • CVS modules tree will be slimmed down to modules just named after releases. Subset modules, like 'clyde-edu' or 'clyde-core' can be created
  • schema changes probably should have an email debate given issues with migration, especially if we go down the foreign keys path
  • "core" was decided to be "getting the core to run without users is a lot of work for not very much return. but wolffy convince us otherwise (:wink:) "
  • innovative package installer from admin page would be sweet! moooooooo is gonna check on that.</to>