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Where are the mailing lists and what is on them?

Join these lists on the bitweaver SourceForge Lists page

bitweaver-announce Active! (:cool:)
This is a low volume list for announcement such as new releases, security alerts, ect...

bitweaver-core Active! (:cool:)
This is a high volume list for discussing the development of bitweaver, new ideas, and asking development related questions. Newbies interested in development are welcome here, but for faster response check out the #bitweaver IRC channel on FreeNode

If you are writing technical proposals for how to implement an idea, we prefer that you write a page here on and let the development list know about it. The mail list should be used for discussion of the proposal/implementation with the tp.o page being kept up to date as improvements and decisions are made.

bitweaver-support Active! (:cool:)
This list for SourceForge bug and support notification of bitweaver. If you want to know when someone makes a bug, RFE or support request through - this list will keep you informed.

bitweaver-cvs Active! (:cool:)
If you are a real glutton for punishment, this list will mail you every cvs commit log. It's alot of traffic, but lets you know exactly what's going on.

Note: Below here none of these exist yet. This is a proposal page to be implemented in the next day or two after comments.

This is another high volume list for discussion of the day-to-day use of bitweaver, questions about how others have achieved certain effects, install issues, and any other non-development related messages. Please do your best to help out and be patient with new users here - we all started out knowing nothing at some point.



by Kozuch, 21 Feb 2007 (21:49 UTC)
I could probably take up some of that.


by Hassan, 30 May 2007 (19:39 UTC)
When try to install I get this massege:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /var/www/html/worldbestcard/kernel/config_inc.php on line 82.
Could you help?

White page

by Simon Allais, 12 Aug 2008 (12:18 UTC)
When i access the bitweaver directory I only get a white page. Even when I open the installatio directory and access the install.php I still get a white page. Will you please help me? Contact me at Thank you very much

Hi, webmaster : a link is mixed up

by Agent-ltl, 11 Apr 2009 (20:59 UTC)
Hi, webmaster : a link is mixed up

1 and 2 has the same link, in Installation and Configuration

1) Top 10 things to do immediately after installing Bitweaver
2) Top 10 mistakes after installing Bitweaver

on the Technical_Documentation ยป Documentation at

the 1) link is

But 2) has it own link
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