attach files and images to content, for instance to a wiki page

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Plugin: Attachment

First, go to the tab "attachment" and choose the file to upload. Then you have to refresh the edit page by clicking save on the main tab (choose "minor save" during that in order not to generate an extra version). If the file is large it can take some time. You'll be taken to the view of the wiki page you were editing. Now you need to enter "edit page" again. Now below the page edit area there's some info you need: the attachment ID and the attachment URL (seen when hovering the mouse over the thumbnail as the target URL, not the image url) and you are ready to add the attachment to the page. There can be different strategies for that:

  1. you can use { attachment id=XXX} (might be taken from the attachment tab-attachment browser-insert)
  2. you can add a link using ))description (( syntax
  3. you can add image (if your attachment is an image) using { img} tag

  • You can use the float=left|right attribute to align the attachement and make the text float around it.
  • If the floating text is too close to the attachment, add 'padding=20px'

input code for the examples above

attachment id=224 float=left}

2. <a href="">link to the attached image</a>

3. img
margin="0 1em"
padding="10px 20px"
border="3px solid #000"
font="bold small-caps 160%/160% fantasy"

Please keep in mind that in the examples a space is added after the curly bracket to prevent the tag from being parsed (on this page). In actual use, that additional space must be removed.