How to Upgrade bitweaver

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Always make a backup first. A lot of effort was put into creating reliable installation and upgrade processes and making them as easy and quick as possible. However, there are many different server setups, some of which might cause a problem.

Your data

The following files and directories resume service contain dynamically stored data - in other words, data that you or your users created. Copy these files or directories to your new installation:
Contains database access information.
Contains files that have been uploaded by you or your users.
Contains Nexus modules created by you or your users.
Your custom style (if present).
3rd party
Applications like phpBB, Gallery2, FCKeditor and so forth might have their own configuration files, e.g., /phpbb/config.php.

Release Numbering Convention

Bitweaver is released using X.Y.Z numerical notations:
Rev Rev Rev Desription Upgrade Instructions
X 0 0 This is the major release, and indicates significant architectural changes in the database schema and code structure. This is the number used for "R1" or "R2", etc. You will need to run the GUI installer and follow the upgrade path. Be sure to run a test upgrade on a backup database first in case there are errors in the upgrade.
X Y 0 This is the minor release which indicates no architectural or database changes have been made, however new packages or significant features have been added. Simply replace your install with the last source (being mindful of retaining your storage/ directory and kernel/config_ing.php - we highly recommend cvs checkouts to make upgrading a breeze.
X Y Z This is a bug fix release that simply fixes issues with existing code. No architectural or database changes have been made. Same as minor release. See above.

Database changes:

Please consult the schema changelog page for any changes that have been made to any package. We never make table alterations to stable branches. However, you might find that some permissions have been added to the database.

General procedure to upgrade:

  1. make a backup of your files and database
  2. upload/unpack the downloaded archive to your bitweaver directory
  3. copy the files and directories mentioned above to your bitweaver directory
  4. review Install Doc if there are problems
  5. point your browser to

Sample Upgrade Process

# dump the database
$ mysqldump bitweaver > bitweaver.dump

# create new database
$ mysqladmin create bitweaver-bak

# make sure dump worked as planned. this will also allow you to switch back to
# original database if needed by modifying your kernel/config_inc.php.
$ mysql bitweaver-bak < bitweaver.dump

# move to your apache document root
$ cd /var/www/html/

# rename your old bitweaver directory
$ mv bitweaver/ bitweaver-old/

# copy accross your custom theme if you have one
# please note that your custom templates might have to be updated
# usually it's easiest to diff the custom templates with the originals and update appropriately
$ cp -a bitweaver-old/themes/styles/mytheme bitweaver/themes/

# extract the new version of bitweaver
$ tar -zxvf ~/downloads/bitweaver_1.2.0.tar.gz

# copy storage/
$ cp -ru --reply=yes bitweaver-old/storage/* bitweaver/storage/

# copy temp/
$ cp -ru --reply=yes bitweaver-old/temp/* bitweaver/temp/

# make sure apache has permissions to access them
$ chmod -R 777 bitweaver/storage/ bitweaver/temp/

# copy your config_inc.php
$ cp bitweaver-old/kernel/config_inc.php bitweaver/kernel/config_inc.php

If all that worked, you should be able to visit your site. Please look at specific upgrade instructions below.

When using postgresql, replace the first 3 lines:

$ pg_dump bitweaver > bitweaver.dump
$ createdb bitweaver-bak
$ psql bitweaver-bak < bitweaver.dump

When using firebird, replace the first 3 lines:

'Backup and restore database via your favourite tool'
There should be a scheduled backup happening anyway on a well configured firebird installation

If you are using the package phpBB, also do the following steps:

# copy your old PHPBB configuration
$ cp --reply=yes bitweaver-old/phpbb/config.php bitweaver/phpbb/config.php

# PHPBB will not run when these directories exist
$ rm -rf bitweaver/phpbb/install/ bitweaver/phpbb/contrib/

Post Upgrade Steps

  • First visit your site at In some cases we force you to visit the installer.
  • If you don't have to visit the installer, please go to Administration >> Kernel >> Packages. Here you will see various tabs that will inform you if you should visit the installer and what needs to be done to fix your bitweaver install.
  • Finally, please visit Administration >> Kernel >> System Cache and clear out your entire cache to get rid of old files.

Upgrades in version 2

from 2.1.x to 2.5.0

Our installer has undergone a major overhaul. Now it is possible to do database upgrades independently of release versions and now packages can register requirements. The installer should guide you through the upgrade. Please follow the instructions in the installer carefully.

from 2.0.x to 2.1.0

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to avoid a couple of small database changes. We've tried to keep things as simple as possible for you to upgrade.
  1. Follow the steps above by creating a backup of the database and moving the old files out of the way and placing the new files in their stead.
  2. Copy across your storage folder, configuration files, and custom theme.
  3. As soon as you try to browse bitweaver now, you will be forced to visit the installer.
  4. Visit the installer on the Resolve Conflicts page. On this page you will see a couple of things that should be done. These can all be dealt with by clicking on the buttons:

    Resolve Conflicts

  5. If you have been using Treasury, please visit the upgrade script:

    Treasury upgrade

from 2.0.x to 2.0.x

These are bugfix releases and have no database changes whatsoever.

Upgrade from version 1 to version 2

from 1.3 to 2.0

Unpack bitweaver version 2 to some directory and copy your old directories /storage/ and /temp/ into there. Point your browser to and chose the option Upgrade from R1. The installer will now ask for database details. Then, the installer converts your database and your installed packages. After this is done, you can intall new packages from the new version. If something went not so perfect, the installer will point you to it later. This could be missing tables (installer will then try to create them) or unassigned permissions (installer lets you fix them). Some tricks and tipps:
  • be sure to have the file /storage/bit_setup_inc.php in place
  • compare your old /kernel/config_inc.php with the new one just created
  • don't copy files from /temp/templates_c/, rather delete the contents of this folder (or click admin -> system cache -> clear all)
  • if you're using your own custom style, it might hold incompatible modules or templates that cause errors. please don't copy these just yet.
  • upgrading from version 1.1 or 1.2 to version 2.0 does not require you to install 1.3 first, any version 1 can be upgraded directly by the installer of version 2
Further R1 to R2 reading:

Upgrades in version 1

from 1.3 to 1.3.1

Upgrade of bitweaver: As usual, no database changes have been made. Please upgrade in a similar fashion as outlined below. Please make sure to backup your data. Upgrade of phpBB: phpBB was upgraded to 2.0.20 and requires that you use the phpBB upgrade script. Please view the upgrade instructions that are supplied with phpBB on how to proceed: phpBB install and upgrade instructions

from 1.2.1 to 1.3.x

The search package has undergone a major re-vamp. It now allows you to re-index your entire site in the admin screen. Make sure to do so after you install 1.3. this will allow users to search all the content on your site reliably. Other than that, all you need to do is visit the installer to install the newsletters package (if you want to use them on your site). Third party applications have all stayed the same and things like phpBB don't require any special treatment.

from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1

Upgrade of bitweaver: Beginning with this version, the installer informs you of any permissions that might not be in use anymore and of permissions that have not been added to your database yet. Please visit this screen after upgrading the filebase of your bitweaver install. You can access the page by pointing your browser to the Resolve Conflicts page in the installer ( We have had several reports about not being able to log in to the site after upgrading. If you are experiencing such a problem, please visit this forum thread and post your problems there, should they persist. Upgrade of phpBB: phpBB was upgraded to 2.0.19 and requires that you use the phpBB upgrade script. Please view the upgrade instructions that are supplied with phpBB on how to proceed: install and upgrade instructions at

from 1.0.4 to 1.2.0

As with all stable branches, such as ReleaseOne, no alterations of your database are required. We have added a few new permissions. Most of these will probably not interfere with the running of your site, however we recommend that you have a look through SchemaChangelog for further details and instructions on how to add them to your database.

from 1.0.x to 1.0.4

These are bugfix releases and have no database changes whatsoever.


If you encounter problems, please ask for support in the forum.