bitweaver R1 to R2 Upgrade

Detailed upgrade process for an R1 to R2 upgrade

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We don't allow database changes between major releases, which means that we have to get the database just right. This provides you with a stable environment to work with but unfortunately means custom term papers that release cycles can be slower. Due to the long time, an uncountable number of things have been improved, but it also means that the upgrade process might be a bit more hands-on depending on your setup.

Major Revision Upgrade Instructions

Database and Files

To upgrade the filebase from R1 to R2 please follow the steps outlined on the bitweaverUpgrade page. There you will find instructions on how to backup your database and how to replace the old files with the new ones.


Once you have completed the above, please point your browser to:
The installer will guide you through the upgrade process. Once the upgrade is complete, you can view instructions on what further steps are required below. depending on your setup, you might already be done!

Package Constellation

Due to the unnumerable changes, updates and improvements we have decided to modify the included packages in our bitweaver distribution. If you have been using one of the packges we have not included, you can get updated versions here:

R1 R2 Comments
ArticlesPackage ArticlesPackage
BlogsPackage BlogsPackage
CalendarPackage CalendarPackage
CategoriesPackage This package has been removed in favour of the PigeonholesPackage
ChatterboxPackage This package was never used much and probably needs a javascript update
FisheyePackage FisheyePackage
GalaxiaPackage This is a very specialised package and has to be installed manually if needed or required
Gallery2Package We now only support FisheyePackage
GatekeeperPackage GatekeeperPackage
HotwordsPackage This package isn't used much and we thought we'd keep bitweaver slimmer
MessagesPackage MessagesPackage
MultisitesPackage This is a very specialised package and has to be installed manually if needed or required
NewslettersPackage NewslettersPackage
NexusPackage NexusPackage
PdfPackage PdfPackage
PhpbbPackage BoardsPackage This has been replaced by our inhouse forum package BoardsPackage
PigeonholesPackage PigeonholesPackage This package was available in R1 as well but now is the only categories package available
QuicktagsPackage QuicktagsPackage
QuotaPackage QuotaPackage
RssPackage RssPackage
SearchPackage SearchPackage
ShoutboxPackage ShoutboxPackage
SmileysPackage SmileysPackage
StarsPackage A ratings package that allows users to rate all available content
StatsPackage StatsPackage
StickiesPackage StickiesPackage
TagsPackage A Package to tag content - similar to categorising but allows everyone to very easily tag content
TinymcePackage FckeditorPackage The verdict isn't out yet on what WYSIWYG package we'll bundle with bitweaver
TreasuryPackage Finally we have a file gallery that ships with bitweaver
WikiPackage WikiPackage
XmlrpcPackage We don't have any use for this package and thought we'd remove it until we do

Package specific notes


Themes have undergone some fundamental changes. We now allow for dynamic layouts and for modules in all 4 areas around the center content. These changes might cause minor issues with your existing custom themes. We will try to put up a page about the details of the changes soon or you can visit us on ConnectingToIRC.


If you are using nexus on your homepage and you are using a nexus menu in the top bar, upgrading to R2 will probably cause some problems. the easiest way to resolve these is to go to the Administration > Nexus > Settings screen and rewrite the menu cache. This will not restore the menu yet though. Now you need to go to the Adminstration > Themes > Manage Layouts page. Here you need to enable modules in the top layout area in the Column Control tab. After that you can assign your nexus menu to the top bar. Now you should have the old menu back in the top bar.


Categories are now no longer part of the default bitweaver release. If you want to continue using categories, please download a version here.


Images for topics will unfortunately not be displayed in the articles page. there is a very easy fix to this. Please go to the article topic administration page and edit every topic and reupload the topic images. if you still have original versions of the topic images, we recommend you use those since image processing has been improved. if you don't have the original files, please copy the original ones and re-upload those. Once you have done that, your topic images should display as before.


If you have been using phpBB so far, we have some good news. we finally have our own boards package called BoardsPackage. you can find upgrade instructions on the phpBB to Boards Upgrade page.

Themes and Styles

If you have a custom theme, your theme might not be compatible with the new version of bitweaver. Please make sure you compare your custom templates with the new versions of the templates to make sure that your custom templates still work with the new bitweaver. many variables and other things have changed, so it might be easiest to copy a version of the new templates to your custom style directory and apply the changes there.


Storage now requires a bit_setup_inc.php file. Please make sure you copy accross the file storage/bit_setup_inc.php from the clean filebase to your existing storage directory.

Final note

We do appologise that the upgrade process is so tedious but there will be no database changes for a while and future upgrades will be very safe, easy and quick. If you liked bitweaver R1 we can guarantee that you will love bitweaver R2 and the upgrade process will be worth the hassle.