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Most of the Bitweaver developers hang out on the #bitweaver IRC channel on You are welcome to join! It's an easy way to get answers, easier even than posting to the forum.

In #bitweaver (the channel), a bot reports on the progress of Bitweaver's code in real time. This makes the channel a tool for collaborative development, but also for debugging. If you have something to discuss, join #bitweaver.

Connecting to #bitweaver

This link may work in your browser: irc:// if Chatzilla (addon for Mozilla, Firefox etc.) or mIRC (under Windows) are installed. Alternatively, try this Java-based online chat. Feel free to bring sample code, error messages, and screenshots with you. - If these are more than a few bytes, consider pasting them to either one of the following services for temporary uploads (remember there's no privacy at all), and return only the resulting URL to the channel.

Pasting code and images to #bitweaver for debugging

  • for text, with syntax highlighting.
  • for text, with syntax highlighting.
  • for images, 7 days.
  • for text with one image attached.
  • to upload an image, write and draw over it, discuss/share with others. Very fast Firefox extension available for instant uploading of screenshots (click > done).
  • to upload an image file and share it with others. No annotations/scribble. Firefox extension available to upload screenshots directly - whole page, visible area, or selected rectangle. Some quality controls.
  • upload a photo to enhance size, color, exposure etc. No annotations/scribble. Firefox extension available to upload screenshots.
  • for files up to 50 MB.

Without an IRC Client

Try this Java applet provided by Freenode, to join #bitweaver without having a dedicated IRC Client. Any Java-capable web browser is sufficient to read and write to the channel.

Setting up an IRC Client

Here are step by step instructions on how to connect to #bitweaver on with a variety of IRC clients.

BitchX instructions




Gaim Instructions


HydraIRC instructions


Miranda instructions


mIRC instructions




Trillian instructions


Trillian Pro instructions


X-Chat instructions


Changing passwords



How can I connect to

by lang3, 25 Apr 2004 (03:48 UTC)
when I use "bitchx my_name ", there is a msg "Nickname not registered yet", can't connect to How can I ?


by Edwin, 13 May 2009 (05:00 UTC)
  • Install
  • Launch
  • Connections Window select Info
  • Info window
    • General
      • Chat Server:
      • User Name: (optional)
      • Server Password: (optional)
      • Nickname: (optional)
      • Password: (needed if nickname selected)
      • Real Name: (optional)
    • Automatic
      • Connect on Launch (check)
      • Open console on connect (check)
      • Join Rooms: (add) #bitweaver

Colloquy has perhaps the most Mac-like IRC interface of any client I have used.
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