Default CSS schema applied in all templates

Created by: musus, Last modification: 24 Jul 2006 (06:14 UTC) by Will

For a hypothetical bitweaverPackage foo, here is how it should present its data:

<div class="display foo">
  <div class="header">
    <h1>pile of foo</h1>
    <div class="date">created by fooster on april 1, 2004</div>

  <div class="body">
    <div class="content">this is more foo</div>
    <div class="pagination">page 1 of 4</div>

depending on the type of page, in the outermost div we use the following classifcations:
  • display
  • edit
  • listing
  • admin
when we use what class should be self explanatory.

in the CSS, the selection of any h1 that is part of the very top of the page would be:
.header h1 {}

for the header h1 title of the package foo, you would use
.foo .header h1 {}

as an example you could define the following:
.header h1 {background: silver;}
.foo .header h1 {color: red;}

on all pages, the h1 title will appear with a silver background
on the foo package, the top header will appear with a silver background and red text.

for a more detailed list of css instructions and notes, please visit ThemeTutorial