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Created by: kinderlehrer, Last modification: 28 Nov 2008 (21:38 UTC)

If you enable this in Liberty > Plugins, it will give you the ability to add a link to the headers you specify on a wiki page (and at the bottom of the page) so that clicking on this link will return the user to the top of the page.

This is especially useful where a table of contents is featured at the top and therefore it is easier to go up, in order to find the next area to navigate down to; and on long pages.

To use this filter plugin, add {backtotop} to the top of your wiki page.

You can specify which headers you want it to apply to.

minnumeric (optional)If you specify 2 here, backtotop will only add links from h2 to h6 level.
maxnumeric (optional)If you specify 4 here, backtotop will only add links from h1 to h3 level.

Example: {backtotop min=2 max=4}

Or, if you only want to have one backtotop link at the bottom of the page, simply write: {backtotop min=10}

Please note that to make the link stand out on your page, so that users can easily see it to click it, you may like to add something like this to your CSS file:

a.backtotop {display:block;text-align:right;}

This means that it will appear on the far right of your page with margins above and below it. It sits above your header.


a.backtotop {display:inline;text-align:right; float:right;}

This will position the backtotop on the same line as the header but on the right hand side.