A liberty service that can be used to add geo-coordinate data to any content

Created by: Will, Last modification: 25 Aug 2006 (13:13 UTC)
The Geo Package is a simple Liberty Service that extends Liberty Content by adding a table for geo locational data. It provides a table for lat, lng, elevation, and elevation unit of measure, and it provides service methods for load, list load, storage, and expunge - so that geo data can automatically be added to any content in bitweaver.

What the Geo Package is NOT

The Geo Package does not do geocoding, it does not store addresses, and it does not provide map visualization. The Geo Package only stores lat/lng pairs and elevation values. Geocoding must be obtained from outside the Geo Package, likewise if you have an address you want to store, it must be stored somewhere other than in the Geo Package table. If you are looking for map visualization, you may find the GmapPackage, which uses the Google Maps API, will suite your needs.

Using GeoPackage with GmapPackage

The Gmap Package has been rewriten to utilize the funtionality of Geo and through its own set of services, automatically includeds a Geo lat/lng form into all content editing forms. This makes it easy to click on a map and get lat/lng values and assign them to your wiki page, articles, blog post, user preferences, etc.