Inline Diff

Created by: laetzer, Last modification: 17 Sep 2008 (18:31 UTC)

Inline Diff and WYSIWYG

If you're using the HTML format, and possibly a WYSIWYG editor like FCKEditorPackage or TinyMCEPackage, you can compare different versions of a Wiki page efficiently with Text_Diff (a PEAR package that needs to be installed on your system).

If content is present in HTML (format_guid=bithtml), Bitweaver decodes entities in order to display only the content of the text, not the markup. The goal is to be able to see the differences between two pages colorful like in the following image. Note that the colors themselves have to be set in your style's CSS. Text_Diff wraps deleted and inserted sequences in XHTML compliant semantic markup (<del> and <ins>).

Inline VS line-based

Enable Inline Diff in Admin > Liberty > General Settings > Misc. If enabled, comparing two wiki pages will look similiar to the second half of this indicating screenshot:


  • To make Text_Diff work with UTF-8, you might have to stop the WYSIWYG-editor from processing special characters (Motörhead VS Mot&ouml;rhead). This is very specific to your site's and editor's setup and might not be needed at all.
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