Created by: laetzer, Last modification: 30 Jun 2008 (09:27 UTC) by Kozuch
The package Newsletters is based on phpmailer and lets you send out e-mails to your registered users or to any list of subscribers. It is a full-featured, tightly integrated newsletter system and high-performance email marketing tool for your site.

Main features:
  • create as many newsletters as you want
  • compose editions (e-mails ) for each newsletter
  • format: HTML
  • visitors or registered users can subscribe
  • double opt-in (optional)
  • unsubscribe-link inside the mail


  • display newsletter editions as content on your site
  • mails use your site's CSS for constistent look&feel


  • prior to Bitweaver version 2: After composing an edition, when you click send, the edition is only queued, but not sent. To actually send out a newsletter edition to the subscribers, you have to run the script /newsletters/admin/tend_mail_queue.php either from the command line, or accessing it from your browser.
  • The strings used in e-mails might not be translated for each language (e.g. "to unsubscribe, click here"). Further reading: TranslationTutorial.