try and set up some naming coventions that allow us to keep bitweaver nice and tidy

Created by: xing, Last modification: 20 Mar 2005 (23:11 UTC)
Due to the ever increasing amount of data on this site, it is time to set some standard naming convenstions.

these convenstions will allow everyone to find information easier. we are also planning on using these standardised page names to organise and sort wiki pages in useful documentation overview tables.

every package should have the following

<package>Package (required)
contains some generic information about the package and what it does. there should be a link to <package>Features, even if it doesn't exist, since it might encourage the creation of the page.
e.g.: LibertyPackage

<package>Features (optional)
contains information regarding various features that can be set in a particular package. should contain links to the existing <feature>Tutorial pages.
e.g.: LibertyFeatures

<feature>Tutorial (optional)
contains a basic tutorial on how to turn on and use a given feature.
e.g.: ThemeTutorial

in addition, it is useful if page creators update the category and structure information as well.

please keep names rather short. if you feel that the title is too short and you want to associate a note with the title, use the description line to do this. the description will appear when hovering over a given link.

this proposal was first put forward on 16-03-2005.</feature></feature></package></package></package>