Created by: Lee LaMont Bell Jr., Last modification: 12 Jul 2005 (04:33 UTC)


This is a proposal page for the CssChanger Data Plugin. Any information given here is subject to change without notification. The CssChanger Plugin does Not Exist at this time.


The idea behind this plugin is that nearly everything in bitweaver is controlled by Css Files - which is great most of the time. I am not trying to rag anybody about anything - but the simple fact is I Am A Control Freak. (:cool:)
On the pages I create - I want to be able to control the look and feal of the page - at least to a degree.
As an example:
(:redface:) I think this Box looks - well - Ugly! (:redface:)

Sorry - but it just doesn't do anything for me. (:cry:)
As far as it goes - (to me at least) the following does not look all that much like a Title Bar. It looks more like ordinary text than anything else.
The lines are there - but you have to LOOK to notice them. To me - I would prefer something like this:
---------------------------------------------- TitleBar ----------------------------------------------

So What Would It Do?

It would give the user the option of redefining the Css - For this page only - to make it look the way he wants it to look.
I really don't know if this is possible or not. I think it is worth the effort to find out if it can be done.

Who Would Use This Plugin?

Each and every one of your Advanced Users who also happens to be an Anal-Retentive-Control-Freak.

How Would It Be Used?

By entering {CSS item='xxxx' value='xxxxx'}
Where item would be a large number of KeyWords built into the Plugin.
And the value parameter would be specific to each KeyWord / an HTML Color Number / or an Option Number like this:
item=TitleBar & value=1=this/2=that/3=something else