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Preflight is a theme that extends the work previously done on the specialsauce theme. Preflight is designed to serve as a testing ground for how Tiki responds to changes in the fundamental framework while maintaining structural integrity. The following sections detail the goals, landmarks, and general points of interest of, and relating to preflight.

Goals/Objectives for preparing the preflight theme
  • Work as an intregrated, organized, collaborative team
  • Strategically, and systematically rebuild Tiki's style system based upon collaborative decisions.
  • Build a flexible, well organized, intuitive, easy to learn, WAI-508 AAA Compliant tri-fold system, built from the ground up.

Bringing preflight into existance
While refactoring Tiki's framework, the reconstruction team will need to work together to ensure the structural integrity and functionality of Tiki remains intact. The following checkpoints have been established to help facilitate this process.
  • The table below will track the stability of each section/feature of Tiki as initial transition steps take place. Such steps include the integration of database prefixing, the reorganization of the directory tree, and others. As each feature of Tiki (i.e. the wiki, articles, etc.) becomes stable enough for use, it gets "checked off" the chart below.
  • A team will then examine several screenshots that relate directly to that feature. For example, if examining the wiki, the team would examine screenshots of the administrative wiki section, the edit wiki page, the wiki help, the rename wiki page, etc. Note: find the ))PreflightThemeFeature(( related to the feature you are working on in the list below for collaboration.
  • The team will then decide what to change while exchanging ideas with the entire group.
  • Then the team will detail their plans on their ))PreflightThemeFeature(( page, along with any collaboration.