SDLC Template

Use this as a template when creating a package SDLC page

Created by: Stephan Borg, Last modification: 26 Jul 2005 (11:03 UTC)
See System Development Life Cycle - SDLC for detailed explanations of each of the sections below.


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Definitions used to clarify meaning of terms throughout the document
  • Controller PHP - see Model View Controller - MVC
  • Model PHP - see Model View Controller - MVC
  • Attribute - similar to a field in a database table

Feasibility Study

Discussion and/or consensus leading to development of this project.

Analysis and Specifications v1.0 - due 17 July 2005

Try to flesh out what you are trying to achieve in this version of the project.
Requirements for v1.0 are:
  • Data fields with the ability of unlimited multiple occurance of attributes - wolff_borg
    • Observer/Observable event triggers to aid in synchronisation with external data storage - wolff_borg
  • Storage of data in XML format in LibertyContent - lsces, jht001
    • Use of LibertyStructures to organise data - xing
    • Store variable data like this in a LibertyContent record without needing extra database fields - lsces

Design, Documentation and Quality Assurance

From initial talks, data will flow in a sequence as shown below. I'm hoping we can use this data as test data to begin programming StubsAndMockObects to aid in developing TestingSuites, which will dramatically speed up the development process. Other notes about development - lets try to stay within the boundaries of CodingGuidelines, ClassStructre, ObjectOrientation and Model View Controller - MVC design patterns and keep APIDocumentation a standard for all code developed.

Data Model

Test data and examples, can be used for building StubsAndMockObects and TestingSuites.

XML example

Data will be store in LibertyContent data field in XML format{CODE()}<?xml version="1.0"?><contact><cn>Stephan Borg</cn><givenname>Stephan</givenname><sn>Borg</sn><mobile>1234 567 890</mobile><uid>wolff_borg</uid><o>Bitweaver</o><mail></mail><mail></mail><calfburl></calfburl></contact>{CODE}


Consensus for use of 3rd party libraries.
I suggest we begin developing read-only forms display using the test data above. We could supply the test data through StubsAndMockObects classes which should be kept hard-coded.
Next would be to provide write functions to our Model PHP class and begin building a TestingSuites to ensure data validity on writes. Once confirmed, these functions can be implemented in the Controller PHP file and implemented in the UI. We may want to provide TestingSuites for the Controller PHP files.

Systems Implementation

File conversion, migration and upgrade paths should all be catered for here, using pilot, parallel or full-system cutovers. User and operations manuals should be complete.

Systems Maintenance

Package Maintainer Team

See Package Maintainer Teams for details and requirements of each of the roles.
  • Steering Committee
    • userx
    • userw
  • Key Users (Creation of user acceptance procedures)
    • userz
  • Training (User documentation and tutorials)
    • userx
  • Quality Assurance (Ensure package functionality from the lowest API levels using TestingSuites)
    • usery
  • Developers (Try and keep the data and presentation code segregated(:eek:))
    • userx
    • usery
  • Support (Upgrade/migration paths and support)
    • userx