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TinymcePackage - bitweaver


a description of how to use TinyMCE

Created by: xing, Last modification: 26 Apr 2009 (08:54 UTC) by Lester Caine

TinyMCE is a rich text editor. This means, that input areas for content look like an Office program. Users mark some text, then click on a button B or hit Ctrl+B on their keyboard, and instantly see the marked text bold. TinyMCE is XHTML compliant: once the users clicks safe, TinyMCE will markup the bold text with the XHTML tag strong. It is browser independent, written in Javascript, and released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB.

How to enable TinyMCE in Bitweaver

  1. Download the package and unpack it in your Bitweaver directory.
  2. Enable TinyMCE in Admin > Kernel > Packages.
  3. Enable HTML in Admin > Liberty > Plugins > Format. Consider setting HTML as default format.
  4. Enable the ability to input HTML for the user group of your choice in Admin > Users > Groups & Permissions.
  5. Configure TinyMCE in Admin > TinyMCE > TinyMCE Settings.

The editor can be set so that a user is asked if they want it loaded when accessing a text area that contains it. This is useful when there is a mix of HTML and text formats on a site. The editor can be ignored for text only pages. There are also settings to allow access to full screen mode, or enable clean mode, which are detailed further below. There is also a switch to enable debug mode, but this currently does not appear to be working.

Tips & tricks

plugins example: Fullscreen

All of the native plugins are included. The plugin fullscreen can be useful if your pages have lots of text. The plugin adds a button to popup a full screen editor window. An option is provided in the TinyMCE admin settings to enable this mode if required.

plugins example: Preview

Open the TinyMCE package's header_inc.tpl. Find the appropriate lines and add the preview info where it belongs:


plugins 'table',
changetoplugins 'table,preview',

Adding this on the two lines below the plugins : 'table,fullscreen' ones will enable the preview when full screen mode is disabled.

theme_advanced_buttons3_add_before 'tablecontrols,separator',
changetotheme_advanced_buttons3_add_before 'preview,seperator,tablecontrols,separator,',

The add_before places these controls at the start of the bottom menu line, preview will be the first button, while fullscreen appears as the last button.

Leave HTML code alone

By default, TinyMCE strips certain HTML tags or even attributes. This can be unwanted if bitweavers own HTML filtering is being applied as well, and there is an option to disable this in the package setup page. TinyMCE provides a very good alternative to the HTMLPurifier or SimplePurifier filters, and the actions it takes can be controlled by a number of settings in the in yourbitweaverdirectory/tinymce/templates/header_inc.tpl file. See the TinyMCE on line help for more details

Site's style for the edit area

The default configuration automatically loads the selected theme's style sheet into the editor, so if user selection of themes is enabled, the editor will follow the selected theme. This is an area that may need a bit more work, but some of the older themes do still need fine tuning to work with the latest code base anyway.

Additional plugins

The TinyMCE Plugins page lists a number of additional plugins which may be useful to add to the editor. However work is still required to provide plugins that will link with the equivalent Liberty plugins. Hopefully eventually resulting in an attachment browser that will track the galleries of fisheye and allow selection of files and images.


The spellcheck plugin has a number of useful features, which are detailed on the TinyMCE Spellchecker page. The default setup requires that pspell is loaded into PHP, and that is currently the only mode that has been tested. Providing access to the settings for the spell checker via the admin panel should not be difficult, but currently these need to be set manually in the "yourbitweaverdirectory/tinymce/jscript/plugins/spellchecker/config.php" file.

Upgrade to a newer version of TinyMCE

As with all bitweaver packages, you can upgrade TinyMCE on it's own. The current package in CVS is version 3.2.3 but a later version can be installed directly simply by replacing the tinymce/jscripts directory with one from the later version.
  1. download new version of TinyMCE and unzip into yourbitweaverdirectory/tinymce/jscripts (note that the directory structure differs slightly from the structure found in the downloaded archive)
  2. download the TinyMCE compressor, unzip into yourbitweaverdirectory/tinymce/jscripts
Note that TinyMCE's language files are now to be downloaded separately, if needed.


by Phil Field, 01 Sep 2007 (18:30 UTC)
I have just installed Bitweaver 1.3.1.

The instructions above say to get Tinymce to work, to do this:
1. install/enable the package Tinymce in Administration --> Kernel --> Packages
2. enable HTML in Administration --> Liberty --> Plugins page and set as default format

Number 1 works but
Under Administration > Liberty > Plugins, I think you have left out the step of choosing the Format Tab, and HTML is first on that list. I have made that default. It was already checked as Active.
But my wiki files still don't give me the Tinymce editor
Now What!

OK, later, now I see that I need to download and install a newer version of Tinymce plus the compressor.
If this so so, why doesn't someone just put these new versions right into Bitweaver 1.3.1, so that it will work right out of the box?

After all that, yes, it does work!

Changes to tinyMCE in CVS

by Yettyn, 23 Dec 2007 (10:50 UTC)
tinyMCE in CVS has been upgraded to latest stable version 2.1.3 and also compressor has been upgraded to latest. Also content_css have changed to use the current active theme as default.

These changes will be included in BW R2.0.1

by Lester Caine, 26 Apr 2009 (07:12 UTC)
tinyMCE in CVS has been upgraded to latest stable version 3.2.3, compressor has been upgraded to latest and full spellchecker has been added.

How can I "enable TinyMCE in Admin > Kernel > Packages"

by Karsten Evers, 27 Jul 2009 (15:37 UTC)
I uploaded the actual TinyMCE package to the actuel bitweaver installation. But I cant find it in Admin > Kernel > Packages to enable it. What can be wrong? I am not so experenced.
Thank you for help.

Re: Another ldap question

by Lester Caine, 28 Jul 2009 (08:19 UTC)
I've just checked this on the latest from CVS, and it is installing OK ...
You should have a -bw-/tinymce/bit_setup_inc.php and all of the other parts of tinymce in directories below that. The setup file is all that is needed for bw to find it as a package, and since there is no database updates, it SHOULD just appear in the 'installed' list from admin->packages
There *IS* a problem with tinymce now working with IE - which I suspect is due to the changes made to the 'fixes' javascripts used with IE to make it look like a real browser. My own sites are not now showing tinymce in the edit page, but are working fine from seamonkey.

Re: Another ldap question

by daedalus, 25 Mar 2010 (10:32 UTC)
In the downloaded package, there's no bit_setup_inc.php and I can't find it anywhere else.
Can you help me out??
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