Package for data about people - alpha & demo

Created by: Daniel Sutcliffe, Last modification: 01 Oct 2009 (13:58 UTC)
The Person package was created to demonstrate and use the prototype LibertyformPackage. It currently provides a way to store and manipulate all sorts of data about people, but is missing huge chunks of functionality to make it really usable and complete so should really just be viewed as a demonstration of how to make use of the LibertyformPackage.

The idea in developing this package was to have a central place where everything about a person could be stored. It could be used as the basis for an addressbook or contact database type system - it does share similar features to the ContactsPackage but is less mature and was developed with different goals in mind - as both packages and their dependencies become more mature it may be possible to merge them together and avoid the duplication of effort.

The authors long term goal of this package is for it to be part of a suite of packages that can be used to achieve CRM type goals. This package also depends on the AddressPackage, another one of the goals in developing this package is working out the best way for dependent packages to share and create, or use pre-existing, multiple pieces of dependent package data on the fly while its own objects are being created/modified. There are many possibilities ...

This package makes use of the LibertyformPackage mFields array (where all the form fields attributes are stored) which is defined in code in the constructor of its main object.

This package requires PHP 5.1. It was developed under MySQL 5.0 and has not been tested on any other DB platform yet.

You can get the package by checking out _bit_person from CVS.