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Integrated Mailing List Setup

Install postfix (or sendmail), imap server (dovecot or similar) and mailman.
  • yum install postfix
  • yum install mailman
  • yum install dovecot
  • yum install php-imap
Make sure postfix and imap are up and running:
  • chkconfig postfix on
  • service postfix start
  • chkconfig dovecot on
  • service dovecot start
  • chkconfig mailman on
  • service mailman start

Create the master "mailman" mailing as required:
  • /usr/lib/mailman/bin/newlist mailman and add aliases to /etc/aliases as directed by program

Check your mail and imaps ports are open. Currently, only imaps works because it is hardcoded in the UI. someone with more time than me can add support for pop, pops, and imap.

  • telnet 25
  • telnet 993

If either fail, it is likely a firewall issue. Try system-config-securitylevel-tui on RedHat flavors...

Edit your email configuration file to allow for receiving of emails for your host. See /etc/postfix/ etc... Try to send a test email to the boardsync user. Monitor progress with: tail -f /var/log/maillog

Add "apache" to mailman group.
  • in /etc/group, add similar: mailman:x:41:apache ( 41 may vary depending on your unix flavor)

Give Permissions to aliases to mailman groups
  • sudo chgrp mailman /etc/aliases* ; sudo chmod g+rw /etc/aliases*

Create a user to receive all list emails and set password
  • createuser boardsync; passwd boardsync

Add the message_guid column to the liberty_comments table:
  • ALTER TABLE liberty_comments ADD COLUMN message_guid VARCHAR(255);

List Configuration

If you want to further customize the settings for lists, edit the util/mailman.cfg file. These settings are passed on to each list when it is created.

Using a subdomain for list emails

A common configuration if using the GroupsPackage in conjunction with BoardsPackage and Mailman mailing lists is to subdomain the email lists. For example you might want all your mailing list emails to be at something like:

Mailman can't know this unless you tell it, it will default to telling recipients that the list is at To override this, edit the util/mailman.cfg file and add: host_name = "".