Created by: mlpvolt, Last modification: 26 Jul 2008 (12:59 UTC) by Stephan Borg
This plugin enables users to make use of the ArticlesPackage withing wiki pages. Placing this plugin tag in a wiki page will display one or more articles.

Plugin Syntax: {ARTICLES max= topic= type= }

Plugin Parameters

The articles plugin uses the following optional parameters
Parametervalues allowedcomments
maxnumericLimits the number of articles to be displayed. (Default = 1)
topictopic nameincludes only articles from the topic specified (default=all))
typetype nameincludes only articles from the topic specified (default=all)
format full/list displayes the articles either "full" or a bulleted list of titles (links) only. (default=list)

Example: {ARTICLES max=5 topic='some_topic'}
Example: {ARTICLES max=5 type='some_type'}


Use this section to report bugs or suggest improvements. Be sure to note which version you are using.

(version 1.3.0) Display preferences from Administration-->Articles-->Articles settings are ignored by this plugin, so it is impossible, for example to remove the publication date from the articles as displayed by this plugin.