Bitweaver Framework

A Modular System for Developer Flexibility

Created by: Will, Last modification: 15 Jan 2007 (17:25 UTC)
The Bitweaver application Framework offers a complete suite of core features in a higher modular design. The Bitweaver Framework is designed specifically for developer flexibility. To understand how Bitweaver is designed, you must understand that it is completely modular, on multiple levels.

All parts of Bitweaver are encapsulated in what we call Packages. Bitweaver Packages are the largest grain of our modular architecture, they are intended to be large collections of features, such as the Wiki Package or the Blogs Package.

Bitweaver has a set of required packages needed to be fully operational. These are refered to as the "core". The core includes:
  • The Kernel Package is responsible for the setting up the database and manages package configuration.
  • the Liberty Package is a handful of well designed base classes that are intended to be inherited from. By extending the classes, you get all the power of liberty - access control, content history, formatting like wiki parsing, HTML scrubbing, and more - without having to write any of the code yourself.
  • The Themes Package manages the theming of your site
  • The Users Package manages user data
  • The Languages Package handles internationalization

The primary goal for bitweaver was to place the fewest possible requirements on a package and provide the most flexible environment possible.

This diagram illustrates the functional inter-relationships of the core packages and optional features packages: