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bitweaver Kernel Flowchat
Below is a documented flow chart of the working of bitweaver Kernel

A php entry file is a file called by the browser as a starting point - for example, index.php, is the default php entry file.
  1. Every php entry file first calls bit_setup_inc.php. This may change at a later stage, but for now we are just documenting what happens.
  2. bit_setup_inc.php defines the constants BIT_ROOT_PATH and BIT_ROOT_URL. These two constants are here as they are the basis for every other constant. Where possible, the defaults for these constants should be automatically defined through functions. Next is kernel/setup_inc.php.
  3. kernel/setup_inc.php is dependant on BIT_ROOT_PATH and BIT_ROOT_URL and defines other base constants like BIT_PKG_PATH, KERNEL_PKG_PATH, KERNEL_PKG_URL, etc. PHP tweaks and global variables are initialised.
  4. kernel/BitLib.php is called. BitLib is built from the following classes:

Now, I'll attack this backwards:
  • kernel/BitDB.php is dependant on KERNEL_PKG_PATH, DEBUG_PKG_PATH and BitDB requires $db_bit from local.php to initialise.
  • kernel/BitBase.php is dependant on KERNEL_PKG_PATH, BIT_THEME_PATH, BIT_STYLES_PATH, BIT_PKG_PATH
  • kernel/BitSmarty.php is dependant only on KERNEL_PKG_PATH
  • kernel/BitSystem.php is dependant only on KERNEL_PKG_PATH
  • kernel/BitLib.php is dependant only on KERNEL_PKG_PATH and BIT_PKG_PATH