Created by: system, Last modification: 04 Jun 2004 (03:37 UTC) by spiderr
As of Release_ReleaseOne, the Kernel supports a user-centric centralized storage mechanism. This mechanism provide storage and retrieval of files uploaded from a user. An image processor is also available for sizing and converting the uploaded file if it is an image.

See TikiBase->storeFile, TikiBase->processGenericStorage and TikiBase->processImageStorage for storing content. For retreiving files, TikiBase->getStoragePath and TikiBase->getStorageUrl are used.

Currently only paths are supported. However a new tiki_binaries table is available for the crazy people that really want to use BLOBS. If you are making the BLOBS part of the tiki_storage work, please send me an email or drop by IRC. XOXO, spider