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This page should explain that page and link to how modules are created, and how they can contain menus. Bitweaver includes a layout admin panel, which can be found at

General layout and themes

The general layout of a bitweaver site is controlled by the theme, each theme impliments its own CSS, and ultimately these control the general layout of the page. By default, and in most of the themes in general distribution the general layout of a bitweaver site is like this:

Top Bar
Left Column
Centre Column
Right Column
Bottom Bar
Bottom bar 2?

Columns and modules

The left and right columns are optional. While the center column contains the main content of the site (wiki pages, articles, blog posts, discussion boards etc. ) the left and right columns contain modules. A module itself is just a content block that contains a menu, graphic, or some other content that can be pulled from the database.

Assigning modules to groups and packages

Modules can be assigned to be viewable only within certain packages and only to specific groups within those packages. The first step in designing your site is to establish which modules are visable by default to unregistered users. Next, you may want to give additional modules to people who are using certain packages: for instance, including a recent changes module for users who are working on wiki pages.