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Bounties for implementation of Bitweaver features

Created by: James Thompson, Last modification: 03 Feb 2008 (15:34 UTC) by Trevor

Bounties for Bitweaver development.

If you want a new Bitweaver feature but don't have the time or skills to do it yourself, consider offering a Bounty for the work. Even if the bounty you offer by itself is not enough to motivate someone to do the work, once you create the bounty, others may add to it making it an attractive project for someone.

Current Bounties Available:

  • Bounty: WarnMeBeforeILOSEmyEdit - Clicking a link on a page before saving is a leading cause of lost edits. Can we have a little warning popup to prevent this? / $??.?

  • Bounty: Tags - Add tagging functionality to bitweaver / $600.00

How to create a Bounty


How to collect a bounty



by mlpvolt, 16 May 2006 (23:58 UTC)
Great Idea!

Sometimes one person might not by themselves
Step 1. somebody creates a bounty. Price ??

Step 2. A developer offers to make it price X.

Step 3. Somebody/the user community tries to raise the dough before a certain date.

Step Four: The dough gets raised, the developer makes, everybody happy.


by Kozuch, 08 Feb 2007 (22:17 UTC)
I discovered this nice bounty page just today. Nice work.

Bounties and Custom-design

by kinderlehrer, 25 Sep 2008 (03:02 UTC)

How is a bounty paid, in practical terms?

Is anyone working on customising Bitforums further to simulate phpbb, for those of us who like the way it looked? Anyone made a skype plugin for phpbb personal messaging?

Are there BW contributors who do customisation work for individual sites? If yes, what would they charge?
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