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This is a listing of Proposed Plugins. Unlike the plugins on the offical List of Plugins - these plugins Do Not Exist.

This page is intended to provide a place where people can submit idea's and provide some basic feedback.

Please add Comments (or edit the page) for the Proposals that you read. Do you Love / Hate / Want to see Accomplished / or think is a Waste of Time? Some of us (Include Me Here) Need this kind of information.

Just edit this page and the table below, copying the format that is used for other proposals. Save the page, then click on any new links you created to fill out those pages.

The more detail you add the better. Explain why it is needed as well as how it might work.

You may also consider also offering or adding to an Bitweaver Bounty that will encourage a programmer to take on the task.

Proposed Plugins

Plugin Name
On Page
Css Changer PluginProposal-CssChanger Allows the user to change background colors and more - Only on the page it is used.
EyeCandy NeonText PluginProposal-EyeCandy NeonText Would apply a Neon Lighting Effect (an age old technique of attracting attention) to a string.
HideText PluginProposal-HideText Allows the user to place text on a page that only specific users or groups can see. Note: HideText has been created - but I gave it a different name - SpyText (I couldn't help myself) - The Help Page is here DataPluginSpyText - StarRider
MakePage PluginProposal-MakePage Gives the Admin the ability to create a lot of pages in a hurry
PagePoll PluginProposal-PagePoll Would add an existing Poll to a page with results and voting ability
BlogView PluginProposal-BlogView Inserts an entire blog into the view. USed for blogs as a news system.
OrgChart PluginProposal-OrgChart Similar to WikiGraph, used to display organisation charts in business
SQL PluginProposal-SQL Similar to tw.SQL plugin, used to display SQL Queries. Depends on DSN and perms to DSN
Span PluginProposal-Span Allows the user to create a span for adding in-line CSS parameters, similar to Div
Wikipedia link PluginProposal-WikipediaLink Allows the user to create a link to a Wikipedia-entry

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by RaZorEdge, 12 Jan 2006 (02:13 UTC)
For me, current plugins in devlopment like "category" or "wikilist" would be more useful!!! (:wink:)

For PluginProposal-OrgChart

by Lee LaMont Bell Jr., 03 Mar 2006 (01:34 UTC)
I reciently found a some code on SourceForge that I would eventually like to add to bitweaver with a Plugin to operate it. It is called ykcee. Unfortunatly - it only creates bars, lines, areas, linepoints, dots and pie-charts.
If you can find a better all arround solution - let me know :)

by dspt, 09 Mar 2006 (10:17 UTC)
I vote for making LANG and TRANSLATED plugins functional
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