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NOTE: This is an unofficial documentation page. It will be used to list packages that do not come with the default install -Will


This is a list of Packages that are not included in the official releases of Bitweaver, but can be added later on. To use these Packages, getcode. Note that they are in various stages of development. Before installing any of them, check its documentation. If you need further information, or are interested in woking on any of these packages, please get in touch with the package's lead developer.

Add On Packages

Package Name Description Status
BitcommercePackage e-commerce system by http://www.zencart.com Currently in late Alpha, but is considered ready for production for advanced users
BitsheetsPackage online spreadsheet package Port of the TikiSheets package from TikiWiki by /wolffy
EventsPackage Events integrated with the CalendarPackage /lester is is working on this - will likely be a part of ReleaseTwo
GroupsPackage Users create groups. Dependencies: LibertySecurePackage, ModCommentsPackage, SwitchboardPackage, ModerationsPackage Currently in Beta
LibertySecurePackage Ads additional layer of security to content In beta
HotwordsPackage Automatically create hotlinks from predefined keywords R2 compatible
LucenePackage High speed searching from the Lucene project Massive search scaling using tools from Lucene - /spider
MetaPackage Assign key and value pairs to R2 compatible
ModCommentsPackage Hold comments for moderation either on a page by page basis or across a whole site In beta
ModerationsPackage A service package other packages can use to register events and content requiring moderation (see ModComments) In beta
MultisitesPackage Handle multiple domains with a single bitweaver installation
PodcastsPackage Create podcast feeds R2.1 compatible
ReBlogPackageRSS Feed Aggregator that turns RSS Feed Items into Blog Posts R2 compatible
StickiesPackage Personal notation system that allows users to attach notes to LibertyContent R2 compatible
StylistPackage UI customization package Once working, it's creator /xing has sent it back to the drawing board where it awaits more contributors
SitehomePackage Custom home page Create a custom home page using all of bitweavers features plus a clean url
SwitchboardPackage A service package other packages can use to send emails, messages, and other forms of communication In beta
TinyMCEPackage Rich Text editor tinymce.moxiecode.com
XmlrpcPackage XMLRPC communications library R2 compatible
YellowpagesPackage Manages listings of stuff Development has just started

Feature Boneyard

Developers: You may also be interested in our Features Boneyard which has a great deal of usable code but requires updating to be compatible with Bitweaver.

Official Packages

If you are not looking for add on features, but for the Packages that are included with official versions of Bitweaver, visit the page Bitweaver Features.


Packages that used to be add on features and are now included in Bitweaver releases:

Package Name Description included in
GmapPackage Google Maps integrated package R2
PdfPackageGenerate PDF documents from all LibertyContent 1.3
QuicktagsPackageCustomizable editing toolbars 1.3
SmileysPackageEditing toolbars to insert emoticons 1.3
StickiesPackage Personal notation system that allows users to attach notes to LibertyContent 1.3

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