Log of changes in bitweaver ReleaseTwo

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This page lists changes in functionality and bug fixes for ReleaseTwo. If you are looking for something else, you may want to see:

Here you can download a complete changelog.

Release 2.7 Changes

  • Upgraded the javascript and css packing to utilizing the YUI Compressor.
  • FCKEditor has new switch to toggle view when switching content format
  • New LCConfig Package (separate download) enables per content type assignment of plugins like allowed formats like html, wiki, etc. Note LCConfig will be integrated into the bitweaver core in Release 3.

Release 2.6 Changes

  • Cool optional javascript tools added: Fancy Zoom for images and PDF viewer. And a utility to convert pdfs to shockwave swfs for in page display.
  • Fisheye has a new gallery display mode using some of the new ajax features, and providing a scrolling display of images.
  • SwitchboardPackage is integrated into the release as the new centralized Message Transport system. It currently supports sending email notifications for new commments on content, and is used by the groups packages for other various email notifications. This is an exciting launching point for future bitweaver message transport as Switchboard contains a plugin system to enable easy future integration with AIM, IRC, Twitter, etc, etc. We'd love to have you develop plugins for new transports.
  • Files can now be uploaded with comments. This is especially useful in the Boards package where forum admins want to allow users to attach files to discussions.
  • Also released is the Groups Package which can be downloaded separately. Groups package has a number of dependencies, make sure you have everything else needed to run this package.
  • For developers, our SamplePackage has been greatly cleaned up to keep it up to speed with the latest bitweaver changes.
  • For Developers New search service added, enabling packages to modify search interfaces to add/limit search criteria.
  • New SharethisPackage added to make integration of Sharethis service easy.
  • Third party icon updates added
  • FCKHtml editor conflicts with ajax attachments and ajax comments resolved
  • Boards comments permalink bug fixed
  • Inline login when posting comments
  • Option to delete all user content when a user is deleted (aka the Spamzooka)
  • Fix commment edit permission leak
  • Updated icon sets for Tango, Gnome, and High Contrast
  • Fixed missing template in NewslettersPackage and handling of subscriptions
  • Fixed SwitchboardPackage installation for Oracle
  • Fixed layout problem with boards find form.
  • Returned wiki page filter to an in-line function to restore operation. ( Ajax Autocompleter is not working reliably out of the box )
  • After testing a number of unicode content bugs listed in sourceforge, the base problems have been cleared. However this area is still installation dependent, and some configurations of database engine may need to be changed to actually store unicode. ilike search is working nicely on the test site with chinese and japanese characters.


Wiki Page

by , 31 Mar 2010 (16:44 UTC)
Is there anyway to enable some sort of plugin that will keep a log of who has viewed a particular wiki page. For example, I created 20 user logins and I want to know of those 20 who has viewed the ABC wiki page? This functionality would Rock!
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