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Hey, Nobody Is Perfect

Bitweaver is constantly improving and occasionally we all run into one problem or another. Sometimes the problems you encounter can be caused by a typo or error in the code and other times it may very well be the way your webhosting environment is configured. To help you narrow the list of possible causes down here are some recommended steps that will help you to determine and possibly resolve any problems you are encountering while using Bitweaver:

On Screen Errors

If you have no idea what it means when your bitweaver installation produces an error message on your website you can usually ask for help and get an answer from a community volunteer. Copy and past the error in the support forum. Be patient, we all do what we can.

Review Your Servers Error Logs

If you experience something less obvious than an on screen error your servers error logs are an excellent place to start the hunt. This may not always provide an answer but it is a fast and easy thing to check.


If you are starting a new website consider using a webhost that offers php 5. While bitweaver might install and run on php 4 there have been compatibility issues reported. Using php 5 seems to alleviate the majority of these issues. If you encounter an error, a bug, or notice that something on your site does not work that is working on, you might have a php 4 related problem. Please tell us about it in the support forum. We will attempt to either confirm or deny that it is a php 4 related issue. Please be patient, we do what we can.


Unknown at this time.


Using bitweaver in a subdirectory may result in RSS feed topic link errors. We are working on a solution. And what do you know, a few hours later we have a solution. Edit the following 3 files.

rss_inc.php line 29 comment out .BIT_ROOT_URL. don't miss the concatination or it won't help (:wink:)

->syndicationURL 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']/*.BIT_ROOT_URL.'/'*/.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

articles_rss.php line 44

/*$item->link = BIT_BASE_URI.$articles->getDisplayUrl( $feed['article_id'] );*/

// subdirectory fix
$item->link 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$articles->getDisplayUrl$feed['article_id'] );

blogs_rss.php line 52 or 53

/*$item->link = BIT_BASE_URI.$blogPost->getDisplayUrl( $feed['content_id'] );*/
// subdirectory fix
$item->link 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$blogPost->getDisplayUrl$feed['content_id'] );

wiki_rss.php line 40

/*$item->link = BIT_BASE_URI.$wiki->getDisplayUrl( $feed['title'] );*/
// subdirectory fix
$item->link 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$wiki->getDisplayUrl$feed['title'] );

That fixed everything, hopefully in the next release it will be a config option. Editing multiple files, while fun the first time, gets difficult to keep track of come upgrade time.

Custom Environment Configurations.

System Requirements

Higher quality webhosts will allow you to fine tune configuration settings to your specific needs. For instance, you may be allowed to create a custom php.ini file. If this is your situation you can and should set your php.ini in accordance with bitweavers suggested system requirements such as minimum memory requirements.


If you encounter problems logging in or staying logged in while using various bitweaver modules you might be experiencing a sessions related issue. This topic has been included under custom environment configurations for a reason. Your php.ini file also contains the configuration settings for handeling sessions. Specifically you should look for this setting: session.save_path, it should not be blank. You can confirm the current status of this setting by viewing the phpinfo() for your server and scrolling down to the big "Sessions" information block.


Still Clueless? We are a friendly community, introduce yourself and ask for help.



by xing, 01 May 2006 (10:49 UTC)
i think the rss issues have been taken care of in HEAD. i think setting the BIT_BASE_URI in kernel/setup_inc.php might be an easier solution (taken from HEAD - if this works, we'll apply it to R1 as well):

$gBitSystem->getConfig'kernel_server_name'$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] );
    if( !
defined('BIT_BASE_URI' ) ) {
define'BIT_BASE_URI''http://'.$host );

Tried and Tested

by SV1, 01 May 2006 (17:23 UTC)
I wanted to give every suggestion the benefit of being tested so I tried every method suggested to date and the only one that worked for for me is what I have published above. I encourage others to do the same, who knows, results may vary?

I did uncomment rss_inc.php line 29 .BIT_ROOT_URL. so it would be in its default state and:

{code}$gBitSystem->getConfig( 'kernel...{/code}
Produced a fatal error so I changed it to

{code}$gBitSystem->getPreference( 'feature... [/code}
Did not cause any errors but did not solve the problem.

I also tried the method suggested in the forums and that had no effect using rss from within a subdirectory.

I do not see the logic in editing setup_inc.php if the rest of bitweaver functions properly. Why not just correct the problem where it is in the module?

Error message

by Angie, 21 Jan 2007 (02:55 UTC)
Can someone help?

Warning: Unknown: write failed: No space left on device (28) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/var/lib/php/session) in Unknown on line 0

Does anyone know what this would be on Trakzor for Myspace???

Could not grant access to the site

by Joe, 19 Mar 2007 (05:04 UTC)
I am installing bitweaver on my computer. It's not connected to the internet. I am using Uniserver
3.2a which using PHP5 and MYSQL 4.XX. The installation runs smoothly and its completes well. But when i hit "Enter your bitweaver site" there is an HTTP 404 error message. Its say "You dont have any permission to access to this site". Is someone could help me?

Storing Large Blobs of Text in MySQL

by Will, 01 May 2007 (18:13 UTC)
If you try to store large blobs of content, like a wiki page say, you may run into trouble in MySQL! MySQL limits TEXT columns to 65,000 bytes! If your text is longer than this MySQL quietly just cut it off and discard the additional characters without any warning. You can store larger blocks of text by changing the "data" column type in table "liberty_content" to MEDIUM TEXT.

To change the table you can run this SQL, however, please make sure you have a backup of your database before you go fussing with it!

alter table liberty_content change data data mediumtext

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