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Image The bitweaver Kernel is the mandatory component that processes all requests. The Kernel uses installed Packages as required.


Kernel Features
PrettyURLs Use of URL rewriting (mod_rewrite) to allow short, nice looking URL's
FeatureCustomHome The home page can be set to any arbitrary URL or homeable Package

The Kernel

The bitweaver Kernel is focused on scalability for both feature depth and speed. Some sites may want a lot of features, and others want fewer features and more speed because of traffic demands. The Kernel is intended to be scalable, much like the Linux kernel, where new functionality can be added or removed as desired. Unused functionality should not even be parsed.

The Kernel makes use of a flexible and efficient Object Oriented design. This reduces code and makes it easy to extend bitweaver's infrastructure for your own specialized purposes.

When a new Package such as phpBB gets ported to bitweaver, all it needs is a database connection, and a framework within which to render its pages. A phpBB port simply invokes the same setup files that all integrated features now call.

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